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We get lots of questions. You wouldn’t believe how many questions we get. To save us all some time, here are some of the more common ones. We really hope this helps.

Boo Crew is open October 4 & 5, October 11 & 12, October 18 & 19, October 25 & 26 and November 1 & 2. Box Office opens at 6:30 with the scares starting at 7 pm. Boo Crew is NEVER open on Halloween. 

Boo Crew is open Rain or Moonshine. But we will close for severe weather events.

Buy tickets here on our website by clicking on the BUY TICKETS image that you see on every page. Buy early because we do sell out almost every night. Watch social media. There is no standby list. When it says SOLD OUT online, we are literally SOLD OUT of tickets. When we sell out, there are no tickets available online or in person, no matter how many times you ask or if you come to the window to beg and plead.

General Admission tickets get you in the queue with a group of up to 6 people total. It is less expensive when you have a group of 4-6.

*Note: We do NOT sell single tickets. Find a friend or make new friends to go if you need a single ticket. Price Range is $30-55 per person VIP lets you skip the line. Check in to the VIP lounge when you arrive during your 30-minute time slot. Minimum purchase is 4 tickets.

*Note: We do not sell single tickets or less than 4 for VIP. You can upgrade your ticket onsite to VIP from General admission if you have already purchased your ticket and there are VIP tickets available. Price is $55 per person for VIP. You may add on to a previously purchased ticket pack as long as you have no more than 6 in your group. If you have more than 6 in a group, you will need to split into two groups. It makes the scare better.

Haunted Matinee is October 19, 2024 - Victims will get to enjoy all of the props, animations and such without scareactors. You can mosey through the Trail of Lost Souls and the Haunted House at your leisure from 3-5 pm. No minimum or maximum ticket sales. You can buy a single ticket. Price is $15 per person.

Children’s matinee is October 26, 2024 - The scaredy cats and kids can go through the Trail of Lost Souls and the Haunted House with all of the lights on, no scaractors, and no animatronics. No minimum or maximum ticket sales. You can buy a single ticket. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Price is $7 per person. 

All tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.

You can arrive a little before or anytime during your ticket window. If you are late, you can still come and get in line, just know your wait time may be a little longer.

Go to the Red Shed ticket window. They can help you out.

No, but we recommend taking a screenshot. Cell service is not great at the haunt. If you have problems, go to the Red Shed ticket counter. If you have your tickets, you can head straight to the queue line.

No. Parking is free onsite.

Yes! Being frightened can make a person hungry. We have a full menu of concessions including hot mini donuts, BBQ sandwiches, BBQ nachos, hot dogs, chili cheese hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, candy, hot chocolate, soda, and bottled water.

Wait times may vary, but it is typically within the hour time slot listed on the ticket you purchased. Because of the timed ticketing system, wait times are significantly less. Total time once you enter the trail is typically 30-45 minutes, depending on how fast you end up running for your life.

Nope. We are a non-profit organization with proceeds going to charity through the Rochester Lion’s Club. Feeling Lucky? Be watching social media for giveaways that sometimes include FREE tickets!

Visit our About Us page to see some of the charities we support.

Visit our Volunteer page and fill our the form. We are always looking for new volunteers to scare, build and general support.

Well, it depends on how scared you are. Close quarters mean you may run into a scaractor or two. You never know…

Scaractors don’t like dumb questions. We are not a top-ranked haunted house for sunshine and roses. Of course, it is scary!

There is no minimum age, however, minors must be accompanied by an adult if under 12. Please note this is scary with some gore. Please do not terrorize your young children. 

Most, but not all areas, are accessible. The trail is wood-chipped, however, so please keep in mind that it may be difficult to navigate. Boots and people with crutches have gone through, however, it is challenging. We want all our victims to be safe.

Go to the Red Shed to report your lost item. We may not be able to look until the end of the night or the next day. You may also contact us through Facebook Messenger

We have the Zombie Bunker out by the firepit where you can purchase all of your Boo Crew gear and swag!

Sometimes we can, sometimes we can’t. Just depends when you ask. We do our best to answer online questions. Check here before you ask because if it is here, chances are we will tell you to look here for your answer. There is also limited internet service at the haunt, so there may be a delay in answering.

Be sure to click the VOTE FOR US button on our homepage or by visiting www.hauntedillinois.com to vote for us as your favorite Haunted House and Haunted Attraction. You can also send us a message on social media or comment on our posts. Lots of our scaracters see what you post.

GPS address is: 11083 Buckhart Road, Mechanicsburg, Illinois. Visit our Find Us page for a map! Physical location for the locals: We are in Buckhart across the street and down a little from the Famous Buckhart Tavern.